Bayside protected bicycle lane feasibility study

Description of work conducted

Feasibility study to identify top 10 feasible routes to implement protected bicycle lanes within Bayside City Council.

Project outcomes

Trafficworks undertook an investigation on the local road network within Bayside City Council in order to determine suitable routes for protected bicycle lanes. As part of this process, the routes with existing bicycle facilities, movement and place classifications, local bicycle network and the strategic cycling corridors were mapped out in the municipality.

The first part of the investigation included identifying the destinations within the municipality, and where there are strategic gaps in the cycling network. Following this, we developed a Multi-criteria assessment tool, which was used to score and rank each of the identified routes, and prioritise each of these routes by feasibility, strategic suitability and constructability.

The top 4 routes were identified, and further investigation to identify the impacts of the implementation of protected bicycle lanes on these routes were undertaken. This included identifying the quantity and cost of parking removal, tree removal/relocation, service relocation, widening works, crossover reconstruction, etc. Cost estimates and high level concept plans were then prepared for each of these top 4 routes.

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