Benefits and Perks

Professional Development

Join our dynamic team and embark on a journey where your growth is our priority. Dive into an environment that nurtures your ambitions with tailored annual development plans crafted to align your personal aspirations with professional milestones and the organisation's strategic goals.

Experience the power of connection through regular, dedicated check-ins with leaders invested in your success. Our commitment to coaching means you will gain insights and guidance from experienced professionals, transforming challenges into stepping stones for your career advancement.

Elevate your expertise with our extensive professional training opportunities. We have partnered with well-recognised institutions to ensure you have access to cutting-edge knowledge and industry best practices. We invest in your personal development, offering training in working and communicating in teams, emotional intelligence, problem solving, risk and project management, presentation skills and leadership.

We don't just support your development, we invest in it. Enjoy the benefit of assistance with memberships and subscriptions to top-tier professional bodies, including Engineers Australia, AITPM and others. With us, you’re not just building a career but shaping the industry's future.

Graduate Program

Jumpstart your career with an opportunity to learn, grow, and lead in traffic engineering. We are thrilled to offer a Graduate Program crafted in collaboration with Engineers Australia and Neural Networks.

At Trafficworks, we believe in the power of talent to drive our mission. Our program is not just about getting your foot in the door it is about placing you right in the heart of actual projects from day one. With a structured 24-month plan, we focus on 4 key professional and personal development areas, ensuring you gain the comprehensive skills needed to excel.

Why our Graduate Program?

  • Real Impact: Engage in challenging roles with increasing levels of responsibility.
  • Continuous Growth: Benefit from a culture that nurtures feedback and continuous improvement.
  • Professional Development: Enjoy tailored individual development plans, technical and professional training, and mentorship from experienced
  • Diverse Exposure: Work on various projects, broadening your understanding of our operations and the industry.

Our strategic objective is clear: to foster a work culture that enables learning and development, leading to quality and responsive services. As part of our Employer of Choice Strategy, we offer a comprehensive suite of benefits, including competitive remuneration, a Health and Wellbeing Program, an Inclusion and Diversity Plan, and a career development pathway for all employees.


Flexible work-life balance

Trafficworks adopts a flexbile working arrangement policy, which allows eligible employees to work remotely for up to 40% of their workweek, providing the perfect balance to seamlessly manage your professional responsibilities and personal commitments. Embrace autonomy to structure your days for peak productivity and zero commute time, all while maintaining the work-life harmony that fuels your best self.

Trafficworks champions a hybrid work model that nurtures collaboration and individual growth. Graduates and junior team members benefit from in-office days designed for mentorship and hands-on learning with experienced professionals. 

We are committed to fostering an environment where flexibility leads to excellence. Open dialogue with management allows for personalised schedules where appropriate, ensuring our flexible working arrangements adapt to meet your evolving needs where possible. Work isn't just about where you work but how you work best.

Parental leave - Embrace family growth with confidence at Trafficworks!

At Trafficworks, we understand that family comes first. We offer our employees a comprehensive and flexible parental leave scheme. We are here to ensure you have the time you need to welcome your new child, whether through birth or adoption.

We offer 8 weeks of paid leave to support you without the stress of financial strain.  We also offer paid flexible leave days when you return to work, acknowledging that you may need the odd day to mind a sick or restless child.

Wellbeing Program

At Trafficworks, we understand that life can present challenges that affect our personal and professional lives. That is why we are proud to offer an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), a service dedicated to supporting you.

Our EAP is a confidential counselling and support resource designed to help you constructively navigate personal or work-related issues. With up to 4 sessions of support available per employee each year, you can tackle a variety of concerns, including:

  • Emotional health such as depression and anxiety
  • Relationship and marriage challenges
  • Family and parenting advice
  • Grief, loss, and illness management
  • Stress and work-related issues
  • Addiction and substance abuse
  • Sleep disorders and nutritional guidance
  • Coping with domestic violence and mental illness

Beyond counselling, our EAP extends to holistic support services like financial coaching to assist with budgeting and managing financial difficulties and nutritional support to enhance your health and well-being through informed food choices and lifestyle modifications.

The service is accessible 24/7, ensuring help is available whenever needed. Plus, with additional resources available through our online member’s area and a monthly newsletter to keep you informed, you will have a wealth of support at your fingertips.

Your well-being is our priority, and with our EAP, you're never alone in facing life's challenges.


We are committed to fostering an inclusive and fair workplace where each employee is valued and rewarded equitably. Our remuneration objective is more than just a pay structure, it reflects your growth and development.

By choosing Trafficworks, you are stepping into a culture that recognises and rewards your contributions. We take pride in meeting the standard and setting the bar for equitable pay practices, making our company a place where your work is valued and your growth and development is supported comprehensively.